1. Quick-Access Toolbar

    The quick-access toolbar gives you quick, easy access to some of the commonly used actions in VideoPad. These actions include Create New Project, Load Project, Save Project, Undo and Redo.

  2. Menu Bar

    If you don't use the menu bar often, you can save some screen space by hiding it. Click the small arrow to the left of the Help button (on the far right of the tool bar) to hide or show it.

  3. Tool Bar

    The File tab shows a menu for opening a project, saving a project, etc. The Home, Clips, Sequence, and Audio tabs change the layout of the main window and the buttons on the tool bar to highlight the features that are important during the different stages of creating of a video.

    Home Tab
    A good tab to use when starting any project, or if you only intend to do basic editing tasks. The buttons and layout provide access to a wide variety of features.

    Clips Tab
    Useful when the project contains a large number of clips and / or you need to spend a lot of time finding, sorting, previewing, or trimming clips. The sequence preview is hidden to make room for larger Clip Bins and a larger Clip Preview.

    Similar to the Home tab, but when the sequence is in Timeline mode, emphasis is placed on video tracks, which allows you to fine-tune effects and transitions.

    Use this tab to add commonly used effects and transitions to currently selected clips within your project.

    Audio Tab
    Similar to the Home tab, but when the sequence is in Timeline mode, emphasis is placed on audio tracks, which allows you to fine-tune placement and audio effects.

    Export Tab
    Use this tab to export your project to a playable video file, 3D video file, DVD, Blu-ray, and more. Upload your exported video to YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

    Suite Tab
    Selecting this tab will display related programs in the toolbar, and switch the main view to the same that is shown on the Home tab. Clicking one of the related program buttons will download, install, and run the program.

    Custom Tab
    You can choose buttons from the other tabs to show on this tab, in any order you like.

  4. Clip Bins

    See: Clip Bins Reference

  5. Clip and Sequence Previews

    See: Clip / Sequence Preview Reference

  6. Sequences and Tracks

    For sequences, see: Concepts: Sequences For tracks, see: Concepts: Tracks