The menus are hidden from the main interface by default when you install Disketch. To show the menus, click the small arrow to the left of the Help icon in the upper right corner of the interface.

File Menu

Open (Ctrl + O)
Loads an existing Disketch project or an image

New (Ctrl + N)
Creates a new Disketch project

Save (Ctrl + S)
Saves your Disketch project

Save As

Label Layout

Print... (Ctrl + P)
Opens the Print Preview dialog, to print your Disketch project

Register Software
Opens the Register Software window where you can enter your registration details, which you received after you purchased and activated Disketch.

Recent files
A list of your recently opened and saved Disketch projects

Exit (Alt + F4)
Closes Disketch

Edit Menu

Undo (Ctrl + Z)
Undo the last operation

Redo (Ctrl + Y)
Redo the last undone operation

Cut (Ctrl + X)
Copies and deletes the selected overlay

Copy (Ctrl + C)
Copies the selected overlay to the clipboard

Paste (Ctrl + V)
Pastes information from the clipboard:

Deletes the selected overlay

Overlay Menu

Add Text...
Adds a Text overlay to the current template

Add Image(s)...
Adds an Image overlay to the current template

Add Clipart...
Adds a Clipart overlay to the current template

Add Frame...
Adds a Frame overlay to the current template

Copy CD Info...
Allows you to load CD details to add them to your label. See: Audio CD Details

Rotate Left
Rotates the selection counter-clockwise

Rotate Right
Rotates the selection clockwise

Raise (Ctrl + Equals)
Brings the selection forward by one layer

Lower (Ctrl + Minus)
Sends the selection backwards by one layer

Tools Menu

Opens the program options. See: General options

Help Menu

Contains assorted help topics
Note that you can open the help documentation by pressing F1 on your keyboard