The New/Edit Accounts Payable dialog is where you can enter a bill you have received for payment at a later date. To open this dialog, click the Purchases menu and select Enter Accounts Payable, or click the Enter Payable icon on the toolbar of the Home tab, Purchases tab, Banking tab, or Reports tab.


Choose the Supplier from the pull down list, or enter a new supplier. Adding new suppliers here will create a new record for the supplier on the Suppliers List so you can quickly access them every time you create purchase orders.


Select the date.

Vendor address

Enter the vendor's address.

Ship To

Enter the address the products should be sent to. Leave this blank if this is not required.


Select the special sales tax exempt option if this is a supplier who is sales-tax exempt (a foreign supplier, for example).

Accounts Payable Items

This is the list of items on the bill. Click on the Add button to add a new item, then click within the Item or Description cells to access a drop-menu where you can select an item, or type the name of a new item. Change the Quantity or Unit Value by typing in a new value. Remove an item by clicking the red "X" at the right of the item entry.

When you enter new items here, they will automatically be added to the Items List so you can quickly add them to orders, quotes and invoices later.

Private Notes

These are notes for internal use only.


This is the sales tax, subtotal and total display. If the sales tax calculation is wrong, please see Taxes in the Getting Started section and Options ~ Tax for more information.


Click on this button to Record bill.