Scrolling Credits

Scrolling credits can be added to a sequence using a text clip with a scrolling direction applied.

  1. Add a text clip to the project. Type in all the credits as the text clip's text contents.
  2. From the text clip's clip preview . On the Text Tools window, set the Scrolling attribute to Bottom-Top to scroll the credits up from the bottom of the screen. Adjust the other attributes (font, size, color, etc.) as required.
  3. All the credits will be shown in the duration of the text clip. The default duration of a text clip is short, meaning the credits will scroll very quickly. Make the duration of the text clip longer to scroll the credits slower.
  4. Add the clip to a sequence. Remember that other clips can be placed on video tracks above or below the credits text clip. e.g., Place a blank clip, image clip, or even a video clip on a lower video track to change what's seen behind the credits.

News Ticker

To create horizontally scrolling text, like a news or stock ticker, follow the above instructions with these small differences: