The main toolbar is split into a number of categorized tabs. The toolbar also contains the Help documentation for PhotoPad. Help icon is located on the far right edge of the toolbar and top menu. Click directly on the icon to open the help files, or click on the help menu item on the top to view the different help topics.
Thumbnail Browser

Each open project is displayed as a thumbnail (small image) of the project. A project can be selected by clicking on it. A project can be closed by clicking the X close button on the thumbnail. Right click on the thumbnail for more options.
Click the bar above the thumbnail browser to expand and collapse the control.

Canvas Viewer

This is the viewing area for the current project, and makes up the largest area of the PhotoPad window. It contains the canvas, where the combined result of all the layers in a project are displayed. Right click in the viewing area for more options.
Zoom controls are located at the bottom left of the window. A preset zoom level is selected by clicking the zoom drop-down next to the percentage. A custom zoom level can be selected by clicking the zoom-in/zoom-out buttons adjacent. Zooming can also be achieved by using the mouse scroll-wheel with the cursor over the image.
When zoomed in, the viewing region can be scrolled using the scroll-bars along the sides of the canvas viewer, or by dragging with the middle mouse button.

Effects History and Layers Panel

For an explanation of the layers concept, see the Concept: Layers section of this manual.
The right sidebar displays the list of layers in the current project. Using this panel, layers may be selected, made visible/invisible, reordered or deleted.

Layer Properties

The currently selected layer will expand to show the properties for that layer. For instance, when a Text layer is selected, the panel expands to show controls for changing the font, color, or alignment of the text.
Many layers will have a reset button in their panel, which will restore the properties of the layer to the default values.