Clip Types

Video clips can be loaded from a variety of file formats, or captured in VideoPad. 2D and 3D video are both handled. By default, a video with audio will show as one clip in the clip bin, however the audio may be unlinked to use video and audio as separate clips.

Audio clips can be loaded from a variety of file formats, or narrated or recorded in VideoPad.

Title clips are programmed animations that can be used as titles. Title clips are created from one of the templates and can be edited in clip preview.

Text clips can be used for titles and credits. Text Tools like font, size, color, border color, alignment, etc. are all configurable. Text can be static, or scrolled using a motion effect.

Image clips can be loaded from a variety of file formats, or created from snapshot of a sequence in the project. 2D and 3D images are both handled.

Blank clips can be used of video tracks between clips (e.g., for use in cuts or transitions), behind other clips (to change the background color), or above other clips (to obscure something). The color of a blank clip is configurable.

A sequence is an arrangement of clips, however a sequence can also be placed on another sequence, by treating it as another type of clip.

Bin Clips and Track Clips

When first loaded or created, a clip will be placed in a clip bin. For a clip to appear in the final video, it must be added to a sequence.

Finding Clips

Once added to the project, you can locate clips by selecting Edit -> Find Clip...

Each time you press the Find Next button on the resulting dialog, the next clip in your project which matches all of the search criteria you have entered into the available fields will be selected.
You can leave fields blank if you do not wish to search for that condition.