This tab contains the tools for enhancing DreamPlan projects.

Select: Toggles select mode on and off. Use select mode to select objects in the scene.

Text Label: Tool for adding text labels onto a project.

Add Symbols: Tool for adding architectural symbols onto a project.

Start Trace Wizard: The Trace Wizard will guide you through setting up an image to trace over. Any JPG or PNG image file can be used for tracing. Also PDF format is appropriate.

Paint Calculator: Tool for calculating the amount of paint needed for a room.

Hide/Show Trace Image: Hide or show the trace image after it has been loaded. Note: The trace image is only displayed when DreamPlan is in 2D Blueprint mode.

Measure: This tool is used to measure distance between two points on the scene.

AddContent: This tool is used for importing 3D models or textures.

Import: Options for importing custom 3D models or textures.