A label layout describes how your project is laid out for printing, how each page will be printed, and which types of templates you have decided to add to each page. Label layouts are displayed on the main interface. To edit a label, click the Edit label layout button in the toolbar or right sidebar.

Each label layout contains of a minimum of one page, and one template of any type.


Each page will be in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

The default paper size for new projects can be altered in the General Options dialog. The paper size of the pages used by your current project can be altered in the Label Layout Properties panel, located in the Label Layout Editor dialog. The Label Layout Editor dialog is also where you can select label stationery you are printing on. Click the Stationery toolbar button to select from the stationery list.

Note that you are able to print using any page size via the Print Preview dialog. However, choosing a size of paper different from the size you have selected for your label layout can have poor printing results.


A template is a label of some size and shape determined by the project type you are creating. You can add text and image overlays to any template from the main window, as well as select a background for the disc label of your choice. See: Background Properties

From the Label Layout Editor you are able to position and rotate your templates as required. Note that, from here, you are also able to change the printable areas of disc templates via the Change Disc Printable Areas dialog.